Majority 54

Ted Cruz's Human Suit

Episode Summary

In this week's news, no one is surprised that Ted Cruz is a liar, and that The Right continues to defend him. Ravi and Jason break down exactly how he should be helping out in Texas instead of going to Cancun. Plus, they break down the Buzzfeed exposé proving Facebook has conservative bias at some of its highest levels. The episode wraps with a special interview with Dr. Steven Hassan, author of The Cult of Trump. You can use cult psychology to better understand the people in your life entangled in QAnon or Trumpism.

Episode Notes

Today's episode features roasting Ted Cruz, exposing Facebook's bias, and breaking down cult psychology with a leading expert in the field.

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Jason is back with a new season and a new co-host, Ravi Gupta. Each week, they'll tackle our most pressing issues, giving you the tools necessary to successfully have conversations across the aisle.

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